“Gather.  Grow.  Give.”  We exist to create a community for all coaches in the crossroads of Indiana to gather for support, to grow through educational opportunities, and to give back to our local communities.  


The International Coaching Federation – Indiana Chapter (ICF-IN) welcomes coaching practitioners, aspiring coaches, organizations, and academics to come together to learn, support, develop   and promote the coaching profession.   


Through inclusion, adventure and growth, we partner to create engaging solutions that support the education, learning, and professional success of our ICF-IN members 


We connect the skills and experience of our members with needs in the local area to make the transformational results of coaching accessible to individuals, businesses, and the communities we serve.

Values and Culture


Respecting and valuing differences in backgrounds, passions, professional focus, and personal attributes in order to collaborate toward growing coaching.


Open-mindedness in how our activities in Gathering, Growing, and Giving could evolve; as we focus on having fun, engaging with others, and through passionate support of each other.


A focus on continuous growth and improvement of the organization and each of its members; increasing the use of effective coaching throughout Indiana.

Statements on Culture

  • We are committed to individual and community growth and development.
  • We intentionally foster an environment that is inclusive, welcoming, collaborative, engaging, and fun.
  • We are committed to transparent and frequent communication that builds trust within the coaching community and with those with whom we interact.
  • We consistently and proactively lean into opportunities to grow, gather, and give.
  • Our environment encourages participation and involvement.
  • We are guided by simplicity in everything we do.