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Ten Gray 

Indianapolis, IN

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Indianapolis, IN

Indianapolis, IN 46220

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Ten Gray is an executive coach, facilitator, and consultant with experience coaching business professionals at every level on the org chart. Ten is passionate about helping professionals unlock their potential and perform at optimal levels. Whether you’re an upwardly mobile future leader who is early in your career, or a mid-career experienced professional looking for ways to enhance your job performance, coaching has been proven to be an effective avenue for development of several leadership competencies, including emotional intelligence (EQ), interpersonal communication, conflict resolution, and more..

Ten’s experience has equipped him to effectively coach in the areas of job performance, leadership development, conflict resolution, and multicultural competency. Ten has experience working with professionals in a variety of industries including financial services, education, law, manufacturing, hospitality, and more. 

Ten received his ACC level coaching certification from the International Coaching Federation (ICF) and along with more than 12 years of experience as an HR professional. Ten has a bachelor's degree in business administration along with certifications in a variety of disciplines to include SHRM SCP, conflict mediation, DE&I, data analysis, and more. Ten launched his consulting business, The Tamarie Group - Coaches and Consultants, in 2020.