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Janae Ledbetter 

Pendelton, IN

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Pendelton, IN

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I have always been creative; crafting was just part of my everyday life growing up. So, when I decided to go to college, I was drawn to the art department naturally. I ended up in the ceramic studio and found my happy place. A place of peace and joy. What I did not know is that place of peace and joy would be my saving grace on some of my darkest of days after finding out about betrayal within my marriage.

When the reality of my marriage was brought to light, I sought out any kind of knowledge I could find to gain relief from the trauma I was experiencing. I personally found that using creative processes helped me to release my pain and gain understanding of my new world.

I believe healing can come to all who seek it. My goal is to come along side those that seek healing from what life has handed them. Those that are processing the reality that their marriage has not been what they thought it was, those who have had the rules of their marriage changed and anyone that has had life hand them some very dark days.

I have had life drop me to my knees and have been through some very dark days but have made it to the other side. In my darkest of days, after finding out about the reality of my marriage, I personally experienced the benefits of coaching and know the power of healing that can come when surrounded by the right support system. After journeying through the discovery of my husbands struggle with SSA (same sex attraction) and the betrayal in my marriage, I realized my personal self-worth was not defined by the outcome of his struggle. And now by the grace of God, I am finding purpose in helping others on their journey to healing.

I have walked in your shoes and I understand your pain; it would be my honor to partner with you as you journey out of the darkness and into the light. Contact me to see how we can work together

· ACSTH (ACC path) Certified Life Coach with the World Coaching Institute

- Brainspot Trained

· APSATS Trainee

· CFSAS trained (peer faciliatory)

· BFA from Ball State University with a focus in pottery