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Dawn M McCord 

Noblesville, IN

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Noblesville, IN

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Certified by a professional coach training school


As of April 2023 I was hired as the first ever Family Recovery Specialist at Community Fairbanks Recovery Center. Fairbanks is where we started our journey and now I have been given the opportunity to give back to a place that never gave up on us. Dr. Patrick King, PhD, LMFT and myself are in care of the grant funded Community Fairbanks Family Connections program. We provide education and support to Families who have Loved One's struggling with substance use disorder. Our program is free to all families in Indiana whether their Loved One is in treatment or not. We use tools and technique's from Community Reinforcement and Family Training (CRAFT) and BALM (Be a Loving Mirror) programs.

For more information contact me at the email or phone number above.

(BALM Family Recovery Coach Training Program is the only ICF accredited Family Recovery Program in the country)

I am a mom of a son in recovery. Over the last five years of chasing our son through his addiction, we/I have learned a lot about Adolescent Addiction. It’s real, it’s pervasive, it’s deadly. We had to navigate through all the options to find what would help him recover. It took learning about Substance Use Disorder, researching different therapy options, and networking to get the help he needed all while trying to keep him alive. Adolescence alone is a wild ride. Add substance use… well you better hold on!

Over the past several years, people have found out about our story and have reached out for help. I have found there is a need for families to not feel so alone. I am called to be a Family Recovery Coach and advocate for the addicted. Check out my book: "Chasing Carson: A Family's Journey through Adolescence, Addiction and Recovery"