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Sara J Yarian 

Auburn, IN

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Auburn, IN
1401 S. Grandstaff Dr.
Auburn, IN 46706

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Master's degree
At least 60+ hours of coach-specific training


Sara BS in Applied Management from Tri-State (Trine) University, a Masters in HR Training and Development from Indiana State University, and her Executive Coaching and Leadership Certificate from Huntington University. She has 23 years of Management

experience in Higher Education, Healthcare & Manufacturing, and has been part of the MTI family since 2014. She began as an HR Manager and in 2022 was promoted to VP of Culture, Learning, and Development.

Sara started in a leadership role at the age of 23 when the President of Trine University took her under his wing and mentored her to help her grow into a leader. In 2020 had she had her first experience with using an Executive Coach to help her grow

and develop into a stronger more effective leader During Sara's time at MTI, she has had the opportunity to work with many of our leaders across the organization. She has naturally taken on a role of a listener, sounding board and someone who can help others expand their thinking. She felt it was natural for her to explore and become trained as a professional coach. Huntington University's program is a 21-week Master Level program where you work in your cohort group with other coaches across the country.

"I am not an expert in every field and do not claim to be, however my goal as a coach is to walk along side of you, listen to your situation and help you to expand the possibilities, think outside the box, look at the situation in a different manner to help

you establish a goal that is best for you. The goals are yours (the Coachee’s) and the focus is on what you want or need. I love to help and support individuals in all walks of life, helping them to be the best version of themselves.