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Kevin Kaminski 

Indianapolis, IN

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Indianapolis, IN
PO Box 68252
Indianapolis, IN 46268

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Bachelor's degree
None, but pursuing
Certified by a professional coach training school


Over my 24+ years in the tech industry, I consistently worked my way up the corporate ladder, from software developer to Director of Engineering, achieving great success along the way.

In that time, I:

➡️ Effectively led new and existing teams through a major company acquisition

➡️ Created and implemented an internal committee to improve employee morale

➡️ Transformed a department of individual contributors into confident team leaders

➡️ and more

Looking back on my career, the times in which I helped team members overcome obstacles, achieve goals, and find success were the most meaningful. Through these hands-on experiences, I grew my passion for coaching people and departments, investing in their growth, and coming together as a united, collaborative front to drive progress.

This passion for helping people led me to establish my own coaching business, Wise Owl Coaching. My approach is built on a foundation of empathy, understanding, trust, and respect.

I know what many of my clients are facing in their work life because I have been there too.

➡️ Surviving an abrupt layoff and using it as an opportunity to pivot to something better

➡️ Stepping up to lead and assume more responsibilities during times of change

➡️ Being under the constant eye, scrutiny, and criticism of a micromanager boss

➡️ Feeling stuck in an unfulfilling job

➡️ Leading and empowering my staff to thrive during periods of change

As a coach, I love helping clients get clear about what they want in their professional and personal life and achieve changes beyond what they can currently see for themselves.